Christina Macro

Christina Macro, Chief Officer of Influence

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18 Years
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About Christina Macro

I am an award winning real estate broker. I have earned an award every single year for 18 years as a real estate broker.

Due to my enormous success as a top producing agent and broker I have the honor and skills to pour myself into helping other to succeed in our industry through coaching, training, speaking, mentoring, and leadership development.

I am also a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, speaker, and mentor.

Prior to real estate, I started my career in the hotel industry as a waitress and worked my way up to Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing within the span of 10 years.

After hitting the glass ceiling, I earned my network engineering certifications and entered the IT world as a marketing manager. Two years later, I worked my way from marketing manager to Sr VP of Marketing and International Brand Strategist. Two years later, I was part of the bust and found myself without a job.

It is then that I earned my real estate license. In my first year as an agent I settled almost $10MM and never looked back. I had found my calling in life! To own my own business and support others in their dreams for investment and wealth building.

I have a long and wonderful track record of success in every industry I have worked in. Success leaves clues, as Tony Robbins says. And my track record speaks for itself.

My goal is to support others in their dreams an build a business focusing on how I can bring value each day to those who want to amplify their vision.