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Newton-Lee Elementary School9

Ashburg, VA | Loudoun County

April 1, 2015

We have decided to take our child out of this school. He is a very advanced learner for his age, but no one seems to care about giving him an opportunity to learn at NLE. In fact, after several meetings with his teacher and the principle, we have realized that teachers are actually encouraged by the leadership to ignore excelling students. We have transferred our kid to a private school and he loves it. He has bitter memories about NLE though - bullying and arrogant teacher and principle being some of those. When your 2nd grader understands spelling and math better than his teacher, it's pretty telling...

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January 6, 2015

Beautiful facility and diverse student body; wonderful front office staff, sweet nurse and a fully engaged PTO. However, while there are great teachers our experience overall was less than positive (4th and 5th grade). We were confronted with exhausted, disconnected, unimaginative classroom teachers. Additionally, our son was bullied relentlessly with the principle, teachers and guidance counselor informed throughout and acknowledging the issue with little ability to serve as change agents. The experience transformed our energetic, over achieving, happy learner into a fearful, introverted erratic student. Our family has relocated frequently due to our careers and we have always found a way to adapt and thrive in our new schools, however, this experience resulted in us seeking a private school alternative for the first time (ever) for our youngest child to succeed (academically & socially). For such an accomplished community what a surprising disappointment to be confronted with such a poor elementary school experience.

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April 2, 2014

We feel very fortunate to have picked a neighborhood that feeds into such a wonderful Elementary School such as NLE. The Teachers, Administration and PTO are top notch! I'm a full time single working Mom and wish I could be more involved but feel blessed knowing that my children are getting a great education in such a wonderful environment!

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March 24, 2014

I have never come across a more diverse school and ALL children are treated equally We are a British family and my daughter has good friends at this school from all different nationalities and backgrounds My daughter has loved both her teachers and all staff have been wonderful when we need any information There's a strong parent presence in the school and they do some fun PTO events This is a school for the all the community it serves

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October 24, 2013

Our children's school is amazing, from the front office staff to the teachers and even the custodial crew are invested in making our kids experience the best it can be. A majority of teachers are invested in the teaching our children not just to SOL standards but to standards that will help them transition smoothly into middle and high school. I like the fact my children have exposure to computers, tablets and other technology as well as the traditional learning styles. I would love to see more parents involved in the PTO to learn how much our school does for our kids.

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August 27, 2013

This is a fantastic school with a wonderful Vice Principal and staff. The front office seems to run very smoothly and I absolutely adore the school's nurse - she is so sweet and caring! LOVE HER!!! Newton Lee takes into consideration the safety of the students as a paramount issue - this is something I really appreciate. -Parent of a 4th & a 5th grader

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January 10, 2013

We have 2 kids in Newton Lee and absolutely love the school. We have moved several times in last 5 years and this is the 3rd elementary school for my son, so we know the difference between excellent and mdeiocre schools. As with everywhere, some teachers in Newton Lee are better than others. But overall its a great school with an outstanding Principal and staff. Its amazing to see how solid parent involvement is, diversity is also a plus factor. In case we ever move, we will definitely miss Newton Lee.

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June 29, 2012

Wholeheartedly disagree with the totally subjective post belowl Newton-Lee has quite a diverse population. Why would the staff choose to treat this one person differently? And why would they treat the same person suddenly better when they wanted to enroll their child? This is not a private school. This is not the Ritz. You will not recieve white-glove service at the front desk. They will not receive more money if you enroll your child. In fact, it will only add to the overcrowding situation. Enroll your child somewhere else and leave room for our children who come to school for the excellent education/top-notch staff, extracurricular activities, etc., not the empathy.

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February 8, 2012

Was receieved by the staff with an extremely prejudice "I'm better than you" arrogance, although Newton-Lee has a vast majority of students from different backgrounds. However, when the staff thought I was a parent of a child (on a different occasion) they were extremely friendly and welcoming which really put me off, because I knew it was fake. I am not going to enroll my child into this kind of a school, and have warned my friends from it as well. While the world isn't all one race, gender, nationality, and religion - our children should be taught to be open-minded and accepting of people's differences. From this school, they will simply be taught to be rude/arrogant to diversity, unless it compromises their status. I was astonished by how rude they were before, compared to how friendly they were when they thought I was going to enroll my child in this school. Everyone else's review is solely based on being receieved by the staff as a parent.

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August 14, 2011

Unbelievable school community with a very dedicated staff. Just look at the parking lot before and after school. The lot still has many many staff cars long after the day is over and before it even begins. They are dedicated to providing the very best for the students. My child has benefitted greatly from the team approach and has really blossomed at Newton-Lee. The events are of very high quality, especially the Music programs and their annual field day is always tied to a curriculum theme. There is so much good to say about this school. Its is an excellent learning community! Take a walk down the halls sometime, the displays are just amazing!

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May 20, 2011

Newton-Lee is an amazing school witha wonderful Principal, Administration & Teachers/Staff. They are ALL very dedicated to the best education for all students! We have been very happy with all aspects of NLE. My husband is always impressed with the PTO events and how much school participation there is from students and parents! We love it at Newton-Lee Elementary!

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April 9, 2011

Newton-Lee is a great school! My kids have attended in private schools before and I have to say that we didn't experience any quality issues with this school. We are very pleased and our kids love this school. The teachers and staff are friendly and firm when needed.

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November 9, 2010

What happened to my review? I said nothing that was against the review guidelines. I said that Newton Lee expects a lot from the children and parents. I said that an average student may struggle to keep up if they don t have a lot of support at home. I said that I get frustrated when trying to help my child because so much has changed since I was in school. I agreed with another review here that a staff member in the main office is very rude to both parents and students. I said the PTO is excellent. The majority of the teaching staff and the administration are excellent as well.

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September 19, 2010

My 4th grader has been attending since kindergarten. Each and every year I am amazed with the academic standards and the sincerity of the faculty and staff.

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February 10, 2010

Outstanding Principal and teachers!!! This is a great school and I think the Principal and teachers are consistently doing their best to improve the quality of education delivered to the students.

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