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Forest Park High School6

Woodbridge, VA | Prince William County

May 25, 2014

I am a parent of 10th grade student. We like this school. The Art and IT program teachers are great. Russian language teacher is awesome. Our son getting a good grades.

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May 11, 2014

I'm a Junior here. It's a pretty good school. The curriculum is excellent. They have a good IT program. Most of the teachers are okay. Some are different than others. Some teachers are just plain rude. Another con is a certain guidance teacher: she barely has time to respond to emails & whenever I visit her, she has an attitude. Some students lack hygiene and manners. There's always trash after breakfast , lunch & at the end of the day. Other than that, it's a pretty decent school. P.S. They need a pest control.

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June 20, 2013

I thought I had done my homework on this school, and still ended up being very disappointed. Forest Park may be good for the average student or those who could care less about the Arts, however, if your student requires gifted services or is interested in Theatre or Fine Arts, you are much better off applying to Woodbridge or another specialty program at a different school. The Theatre department is minimal with virtually no resources and very little parent involvement. The GT coordinator here does a good job communicating with parents, but the program itself has been a disappointment for our daughter. Our counselor also is lackluster and was very patronizing to my daughter. Math and Science instructors have been mostly standout, while English, Art and Theatre have all been quite disappointing. Also, this overpopulated school has an average administration, which has been pretty unimpressive any time I have had to deal with them. Activities for the graduating class of 2013 were cancelled due to lack of parental leadership. I would not recommend this school for anyone looking beyond just getting their diploma and getting out.

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February 7, 2013

Forest Park High School is a phenomenal school. The expectations set by the administration and teachers is for student excellence and success. The school is welcoming for families, communicates effectively, supports student success and collaborates with the community. Parental engagement is my responsibility and this school provides many opportunities for me to be engaged in my son's learning. This school understands family-school partnerships. I would recommend FPHS to anyone. Proud Bruin parent!

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November 14, 2008

Gorgeous facility, enthusiastic teachers, IT magnet school and a beautiful setting across the street from National Forest--loved it!

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October 25, 2007

I'm delighted that the parent of the previous posting has had such great responses from FPHS. We, too, have relocated here (from a larger school district), but have not found the guidance dept. to be of much help/use at all, nor the teachers and course selections very stellar in comparison. I will say, however, that I am totally onboard with our new principal, who's in his 2nd year. Our son started FPHS in 2005, and that principal kept us on the fence about the academic courses he was 'on the waiting list' for and never got in to.

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September 4, 2007

Our son has attended Forest Park High School since 2004.Our relocation to VA caused him to make poor choices in friends and classes.The staff and guidance department at Forest Park went above and beyond to ensure that our son turn in the right direction. Without this 'village concept' our son would not have turned around. His teachers, coaches, guidance counselor and administrators all worked so he could see his true potential. If you want a school where your student is not just a number. Teacher's that not only care for the students but know their subject matter. Coaches that will counsel, academically motivate and nurture your athletes abilities than this is the right school. This school not only has terrific tests scores. They have a great soul!

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September 23, 2006

I am proud to say that I graduated from Forest Park in 2004! I was very involved in the iT program and extra-curricular activities. I was a member of the marching band (at the time one of the best-musically), and I co-founded the Forest Park Gospel Choir. I took the energy from my teachers to produce great experiences from the time I was a student at Forest Park and beyond. I really do sincerely believe the statement 'You are what you make it'. If you believe in hard work and sacrifices, your experiences will reflect that. Forest Park helped prepare me for college, and life in general. I knew every Administrator, many teachers down to security guards and members of the janitorial staff. While attending Forest Park I learned a lot about my major (and career) through class participation, extra-curricular activities, and personal discussions with my teachers. Forest Park laid the necessary foundations for me to be successful. Since I've graduated I found good jobs (traveling too!), and so far worked at one of the best radio stations in college radio, etc.... But overall Forest Park is a great school. No one can make students learn but the students. It comes from within.

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June 6, 2006

My daughter is a Freshman.I think the school is great. She has good teachers. She is involved in sports and looks forward to going to school. I never have to worry about her safety. She has met alot of great kids.

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March 8, 2006

My son entered this school as a sophomore. Overall, I have been pleased with the school. The guidance dept was not that helpful in ensuring that courses transferred properly unless it was to impose a local course requirement. My son participated in JV athletics, which applied the usual politics. Communication from the school is now via online newsletter rather than USPS. The county does have an awesome program where academic progress of students can be view online (Edulink). This is a wonderful way to track your students attendance, grades, course work,etc. I had high expectations of this fairly new school. Academically, my son is challenged.

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February 12, 2006

I am apalled of the reviews. My daughter is a graduate of FP and she loved it there. The academics were the best they could be, and the instruction she received was from great teachers. There was not enough school spirit, not enough PEP rallies, so the students didn't provide support to their teams. All in all, it was a great school.

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May 15, 2005

It saddens me to read the previous responses. Forest Park is a great school that offers many different outlets for students. It's IT program is great. The Graphic Dept. is excellent under Ms. Beavers and Mrs. Langs leadership. Granted there are teachers that are better than others, but you get that EVERYWHERE! Under the new helm of Principal, Mr. Brown, he is doing an excellent job making students accountable for their actions. School spirit has come a long way since it's opening in 2000. The students support each other. Ex: How many students went to the Championship game in the State run for girls basketball in Richmond? A lot. Forest Park is a great school, with a great PTO, great sports, clubs, and IT Program. I have had 1 child complete a successful 4 years, and now attends one of the nation's top university. Get involved. It might make a diference.

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February 12, 2005

I have been very disappointed as a parent with Forest Park. From the beginning I went to all the IT meetings and was very excited by all I was told it would offer. Much of what was guaranteed has never materialized. There are some good teachers at Forest Park, but my children have told me that for the most part the only reason they have learned anything is that they have taught themselves. The administration has changed, but for the first four years the principal was extremely weak and this really hurt the school. There is absolutely no school spirit and when students try to change this they are booed! I had great expectations for Forest Park and I have been nothing but disappointed.

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January 1, 2005

I believe that this school is not right for students. My daughter comes home everyday complaining about how she was late to class because of the time between each class. I think is school is overcrowded, and if it is going to be overcrowded then there should be longer bell times in the hallyways between classes. Thank you.

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September 29, 2004

Forest Park is a great school in that it is diverse in its social groups. I would say it lacks in the discipline area though. We all know that every school has its fights, but Forest Park had alot of fights.

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