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Anne E. Moncure Elementary School7

Stafford, VA | Stafford County

March 25, 2015

I am a parent of 3 children at Moncure Elementary. I also substitute teach there as well. I can not think of a reason why this would not be rated a 9 or 10 on Great Schools. It is about the nicest place one could send a child! The students are kind, the front office, nurse and staff are excellent. My girls come home happy nearly every day. Moncure has high standards and the children are taught according to the State of Virginia standards. There is an acceptable amount of homework - not too much and not too little in my opinion. Obviously this may differ by teacher but we have had six teachers now and I feel they are pretty consistent throughout. The teachers here truly care about the student's success and work hard to provide a loving and nurturing learning environment. There are wonderful opportunities for your children to be involved in extracurricular after school activities as well. Come check it out and you will be happy you did!

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April 7, 2014

My daughter is in Kindergarten at this school. I am happy with the information she is learning as well as her reading level. I volunteer on Thursdays and I am pleased with the Principal and staff. There are many after school programs offered for math, science, and reading. My child's art work is very advanced and she always has a library book to read. I am very happy with this school.

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March 26, 2014

We were not happy at this school. There are most definitely a few teachers (Kindergarten) who are not fit to be teachers and lack the qualities a parent would want around their children. We just moved from this school and are happy we did. The principal is very nice but the teachers do not try to challenge the smarter kids. The school is very old and sits right up next to the busy main road.

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March 17, 2014

I can't submit enough about Moncure Elementary. The Principal, Teachers, Staff, and our PTO do so much to keep our school great. Teachers (and Principal) are approachable and work with parents to ensure that our children succeed. The school is a little on the older side but full of passion for learning and teaching. You know you have a great school when your children come home excited about what they did at school that day and when your oldest can transfer into Middle School easily.

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March 3, 2014

We absolutely love Moncure! I have a kindergartener and a first grader; we could not be happier. I volunteer frequently and love the friendly office staff. My girls have two very different personalities and they were wonderfully placed with great teachers! I love that the principal comes to every event and out daily to talk to parents and students.

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November 22, 2013

Nice people (parents, teachers, and staff) but is overcrowded. 700 students is too many for the number of special needs and challenged children this school has. This site lost my comphensive review of the school. Surrounded by too many businesses and too little green area. Library is too small for normal library activities. PE has 50 students per class. Music is understaffed and lacks some reasonable equipment to do more than introduce children to music.

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June 11, 2012

Moncure is an excellent school, my kids just finished the 5th grade and I feel that this school has done a wonderful job preparing my children for the sixth grade. Thanks to all the Staff and Teachers

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September 12, 2011

Moncure Elementary is a FABULOUS school which offers multiple tools and effective ways for our children to learn. Its a very parent friendly environment, even the Principal takes the time to meet and greet everyone. My son LOVES the school and so far has liked every teacher there. I am shocked to see such a low rating for this school. Its not accurate and parents should evaluate themselves before they ridicule other kids at the school. Kids behavior has a lot to do with parenting, don't blame the school b.c. your kid was disciplined or dealt with other types of personalities at the school. MONCURE IS AWESOME!

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August 28, 2011

My son will be starting school at Moncure Elementary for the first time this year and I was so nervous because I was afraid the size of the school would intimidate him and I became a little more nervous seeing that the school only rated a 4 out of ten on this site, but after reading the reviews I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It's great to have sites like this were parents can see how the school rates. I think we're ready for this year and I am now excited for my son to start school, meet his new teachers and make new friends. Thanks Great Schools.

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April 7, 2011

Anne Moncure is a wonderful Elementary School with a very friendly and welcoming environment where the administration, staff and parents are very involved in the well being of the students. I also feel that my daughter is getting a wonderful education and I am very surprised that there is only a rating of 6 for Anne Moncure (maybe the number was transposed incorrectly and should be a 9). =)

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March 20, 2011

Anne E moncure elementary school has excellent teachers, a strong principal and school leadership, and they give you alot of things as a parent you can get involved in at the school.

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March 12, 2010

My second grader loves going to school at Anne E. Moncure every day. She is well matched to her teacher, and I have a confident student who is challenged just enough to keep up her self esteem. What more could a parent ask?

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March 11, 2010

I am really surprised that Moncure has rated only a 6 with I feel this needs reevaluation. As far as the previous comment of lack of respect of students, this is not in any means a showing on the school but rather the parents, which I feel is most evident in ALL schools these days. This school is challenging, and I come from a lineof very strict DOD schooling from around the world, some of the best and finest and moncure shares most of the same great qualities which is hard to find in a public school. Moncure gives opportuinities to every parents almost every month, it a means of the parents wanting to be involved. There has been times when I would have free time and just walk in to see if anyone needed help, and the school was more than happy to accept my assistancce.

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April 7, 2009

I currently have a child at Moncure who will be heading off to Middle School next year. Several of these earlier reviews were written when the school was transitioning to a new administration. None of those administrators are still in the school. We have a very active PTO who holds meetings monthly and all parents are invited. There are may activities that monthly for all to participate in. The music department has Chorus and Percussion clubs. The Art department has a Art club held weekly as well. The security is not 'Ft. Knox' like but we do require ID to visit a room and to sign a chold out (county policy) which are always a good idea. We love Moncure so much that I just requested a waiver for my youngest to start Kindergarten there next year as we moved to a different school district. This school ROCKS!!

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July 17, 2008

My two boys went to Moncure last year before we moved to Hawaii. I was impressed with the teachers they had. One of my boys was in Mrs. Rodriguez's class. She was great! The other was in Miss Burdette's Class. Last year was her first year teaching but by the end of the year she was probably as seasoned as all the veteran teachers after having my son in her class. She was great. If you have a child going into 5th grade, I recommend her highly. Good Luck next school year. Mahalo!

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